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Best Dog Toys

Woofie Tuesday everyone! Today I would like to share with you my favourite dog toys. Since I came to mama’s home, I have been blessed with an abundance of dog toys (and human toys). I can feel that mama loves buying me toys too. Maybe she didn’t have many toys when she was young so buying toys now that she is an adult makes her happy. I always try extra hard to look excited when she presents me with a new toy so she knows that I love her for buying me nice things. I have everything from hard toys to soft toys, big toys to small toys, expensive toys to affordable toys. Each of them are challenging and fun in their own special way. Some of them test my teeth, while others test my reflexes. And when I’m bored, I always go back to my bacon flavoured bone.

Mama likes to shop at this place called Ikea. I see this word a lot around the house. It must be a nice place to be! When mama comes home from Ikea, I will always get at least one new toy. I love Ikea toys because they don’t tear. All my Ikea toys are still around even though I bite and chew and shake them hard. I get frustrated sometimes but challenges don’t stop me.

Mama also recently found out that Daiso has awesome pawsome toys too! And best of all, they are squeaky and only $2 each! I will show them to you next time 🙂

One of my favouritest toy is the rag rope toy from Petstages (seen above). Mama says they are colourful but I don’t see that many colours. Anyhow the idea of a colourful toy is nice enough for me. The ropes overlap each other to form a ball. That’s what’s challenging! I sometimes spend half of my day trying to untangle it. At this point, I only managed to untangle the knots but I’ll keep on trying.

Do you know what’s the best part of my day besides walking outside? Every night, mama’s dad would “play ball” with me. Sometimes we use the Ikea soft ball, but most of the time we use a tennis ball. Sometimes when I can’t find either of the balls, I would bring him the nearest rat or squeaky toy. This always makes him laugh! Each time I bring him the ball and puts it into his hand, he would reward me with a treat! Did I tell you that this is the best part of my day?

favourite toys | vanillapup

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