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10 Heartwarming Dog Adoption Videos That Will Make You Want to Adopt Not Shop

10 Heartwarming Dog Adoption Videos That Will Make You Want to Adopt Not Shop | Vanillapup

If you are thinking of welcoming a new dog into your home, here are 10 dog adoption videos that would hopefully convince you to adopt not shop!

How much is that puppy in the window?

Before you spend good money on an adorable puppy in a pet shop, you should think about the businesses you are supporting. Buying from a pet shop most likely means you are indirectly supporting a cruel trade – puppy mills or even illegal imports.

If you do not know the fate of breeding dogs from unethical breeders, don’t miss video #8 below. If you still want to get a dog from a breeder, here are the questions to ask.

But if you are willing to adopt a dog, you are saving two lives – the life of that dog and the one that you have made room for at the shelter. It is important to know that adopted dogs are not necessarily less healthy or less wonderful than any other dogs.

To curb inhumane puppy breeding, several US cities, such as San Francisco (the latest state) have passed a law that only allows the sale of rescue dogs and cats at pet stores. If other countries can follow suit, more dogs will be saved and immoral and overbreeding will drastically reduce!

If you are looking at getting a new dog but can’t decide whether to adopt or shop, here are 10 dog adoption videos that would hopefully convince you to choose the former.

1. Eric was 340 pounds and dying but his shelter dog Peety saved his life

2. A scared Goldie covered her eyes with her paws while she was being rescued but that was just the beginning

3. This dog was covered in flies and was hanging on to his life when he was rescued

4. It was this dog’s happiest day when he found out that he was being adopted!

5. A dog patiently waits for his owner, but someone else shows up to change both their lives

 6. Christmas was in a horrible state when he was abandoned outside a shelter but look at him now!

Christmas: Of Abandonment, Love & Giving

We received a most disturbing Christmas "present" 2 months ago – a Shihtzu, abandoned outside our shelter. As a result of severe neglect – his eyes were infected & scarred, leading to total blindness. It has been 2 months since Christmas was rescued. Through the hard work of the SOSD team, Christmas has undergone a metamorphosis which none of us could have imagined. For the first time, we are sharing his journey, and clues which may lead to tracking down the people responsible for doing this to the poor boy. Help share his story, so that we can bring them to justice. Through your help, we are able to continue our work to give Singapore's homeless and abandoned dogs a chance. Help us, by supporting and donating to SOSD Flag Day: you for your continued support!

Posted by SOSD Singapore on Thursday, 25 February 2016

Eventually, Nora adopted Christmas and his previous owner was identified and fined by the authorities.

7. Vets thought she would never walk again. She didn’t give up and her new owners helped her walk again

8. Do you know where dogs from most pet shops come from? Puppy mills or unethical breeders’ homes like this. Get ready your kleenex

Operation Midnight Run – April 2015

One year ago Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) assisted the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office in the rescue of 85 adult dogs and puppies and 4 cats found living in extremely neglectful conditions at a home in Manchester Tennessee!Please watch and share our Operation Midnight Run video and you can support our life-saving work by making a donation.Comment #donate and the dollar amount (ex. #donate $20) and we will reply with a short one-time form for you to complete.

Posted by Animal Rescue Corps on Wednesday, 13 April 2016

9. Layla was a homeless Poodle and all she needed was love and kindness

10. Senior dogs are often the last to be adopted. But they deserve a second chance to love and be loved too

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