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12 Budget-friendly Accessories From Taobao For the Modern Dog

If you haven’t shopped at Taobao, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! To convince you, here are 12 modern dog accessories that cost you less.

If you haven’t shopped at Taobao, you really don’t know what you are missing out on!

To get the most out of this online marketplace, you need to set aside a few hours and arm yourself with strong Mandarin skills. If you can’t read Mandarin, a Taobao agent and Google translate will be your best buds.

Mama loves treasure-hunting on Taobao via, which handles the shipping and simplifies the shopping experience. While there will be many cheap but sub-standard products that you have to browse through, with a little patience you will find awesome pawsome bargains of real substance.

Not convinced? We’ve done some digging for you and found 12 dog accessories that will cost you more elsewhere.

12 dog accessories from Taobao that cost you less

1. Pet teepee

Taobao Korean Dog Teepee | Vanillapup

Taobao Korean Dog Teepee | Vanillapup

Product: Pet Teepee
Price: From ¥ 108 = SGD 22

2. Pet tent

Taobao Little Dove Dog Tent | Vanillapup

Shop: 小斑鸠宠物屋
Product: Pet tent
Price: From ¥ 139 = SGD 28

3. PETKIT smart bowl


PETKIT Antibacterial Dog Bowl Taobao | Vanillapup

Shop: 宠易宠物用品专营店
Product: PETKIT Food Bowl
Price: ¥ 99 = SGD 21

4. PETKIT water bottle

PETKIT Bottle | Vanillapup

Shop: 小佩宠物用品旗舰店
Product: PETKIT Travel Bottle
Price: ¥ 89 = SGD 19

5. Popware training treats pouch

popware For Pets Treat Pouch | Vanillapup

Shop: 猫狗物语
Product: popware
Price: ¥ 36 = SGD 8

6. GoPro Dog Harness

GoPro Dog Harness Taobao | Vanillapup

Shop: shopping 1688
Product: GoPro Dog Harness
Price: ¥ 75 = SGD 16

7. Elevated dog bowl

Taobao Little Dove Elevated Dog Bowl | Vanillapup

Shop: 小斑鸠宠物屋
Product: Elevated dog bowl
Price: From ¥ 68 = SGD 14

8. PETWANT camera and feeder

PETWANT Automatic Pet Feeder | Vanillapup

Shop: 邻家宠物您的宠物专家
Product: Automatic pet food and water feeder
Price: ¥ 210 = SGD 47

9. Flexi retractable leash

Taobao Flexi Retractable Dog Leash | Vanillapup

Shop: 优氏宠物用品专营店
Product: Flexi retractable leash
Price: From ¥ 79 = SGD 17

10. All For Paws Interactive Fetch ‘N’ Treat Toy

Dog Puzzle Toy | Vanillapup

Shop: 锦和宠物用品专营店
Product: Dog Wood Puzzle Toy
Price: From ¥ 40 = SGD 9

11. Multi-purpose dog bed

Taobao Expandable Dog Bed | Vanillapup

Shop: 萌宠要当家
Product: Water resistant multi-purpose dog bed
Price: From ¥ 59 = SGD 13

12. Kygen puzzle toys

Taobao Outward Hound Puzzle Toys | Vanillapup

Shop: ZOO宠物用品批发店
Product: Outward Hound puzzle toys
Price: From ¥ 24 = SGD 5

Have we awakened the shopaholic in you? Good. Because now you can buy more with less.

If you’ve got a good buy on Taobao to recommend, please share it with everyone via comment!

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Best Taobao Dog Accessories | Vanillapup

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