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AIA Paw Safe Pet Insurance: What Is It And Do You Need It?

AIA Paw Safe Pet Insurance: What Is It And Do You Need It? | Vanillapup

AIA Paw Safe pet insurance is created just for dogs. It is unlike its competitors in that it is solely an accident plan and therefore super affordable.

AIA Paw Safe pet insurance serves a different purpose to the other available pet insurance plans in Singapore. It is more of an accident plan for your dog.

AIA Paw Safe coverage

It covers vet expenses due to an accident, offers third-party liability compensation, and pays you when your dog is stolen or passes away due to an accident.

AIA Paw Safe Pet Insurance Review | Vanillapup

Unlike the other plans in the market, it doesn’t cover vet expenses due to medical conditions that don’t arise from an accident.

That is why the premiums are very low – $79.49 for microchipped dogs and $84.58 otherwise.


  • Your dog must be between 3 months to 7 years old
  • Only up to two dogs per household can be insured

Comparison with competitors

What AIA Paw Safe offers overlap greatly with Liberty PetCare, which covers all except final expenses. But the latter also offers clinical and surgical benefits for the eligible medical conditions, such as cancer:

PetCare by Liberty Insurance Singapore | Vanillapup

The other competitor, Happy Tails Pet Insurance covers surgical-related treatments, chemotherapy, third party liability, and final expenses.

Happy Tails Singapore Plans and Coverage | Vanillapup

By providing more comprehensive coverage, both Liberty PetCare and Happy Tails are more attractive options than Paw Safe.

You should only choose AIA Paw Safe if:

  • an accident coverage is your priority and
  • you do not want to spend more than $100-200 on pet insurance

If coverage on vet expenses is your priority, then you can narrow your consideration to Liberty PetCare and Happy Tails Pet Insurance. For a detailed comparison between the two, click here.

AIA Paw Safe | Website | Product brochure

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