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Last weekend I held my first Christmas party at Ah B Cafe with my friends, Sam, Pecan, Cookie, and Bailey. Click in to see photos of the party happenings!

Earlier this month I held my first ever Christmas party with my friends, Sam, Pecan, Cookie, and Bailey!

We worked hard to choose a venue and gather sponsors, making sure we only agreed to nothing less than awesome.

So after one month of planning and logistics, we finally had a party at Ah B Cafe with over 60 guests and 50 dogs!

At first, mama was a little worried that there would be chaos with so many dogs but it turned out all good and cozy. The dogs were generally well-behaved and we think everyone had fun.

A White Christmas Party Photos!

A White Christmas Party Registration | Vanillapup

A White Christmas Party Dogs | Vanillapup

Ah B Cafe spoilt us with a wonderful Christmas buffet spread. Everything was delicious and the dog food and dessert table were aces! I swear some humans were coveting the dogs’ roast turkey and cakes.

We had a best-dressed competition and I must say all of the dogs and their outfits deserved to win. Just look at this pair of Dachshunds, Cheesie and Truffle!

A White Christmas Party Best Dressed Competition | Vanillapup

There was also a Christmas corner for humans to take photos of their dogs. We were very happy that many guests used it!

A White Christmas Party Latte | Vanillapup

The most exciting part of the party besides the food was the gift exchange and lucky draw! We had over $2,000 worth of prizes from brands we absolutely love.

Because papa was a paying guest, he was able to participate in the draw and won us a set of Earth Rated® poop bags and dispenser and a Jax and Bones Frog toy from Tiny Krew! We love these poop bags and I mean, who can ever have enough poop bags?

Here’s me with my new toy. Photo courtesy of Mango the Sheltie, who happened to be the dog who won both the best dressed large dog prize and Regent Hotel Staycation grand prize! Probably the luckiest dog of the night!

Here are some photos taken by our guests!

Party with Corden#vanillapup#awhitechristmasparty

A photo posted by cheramelia (@cheramelia) on

Ermahgerd! Pupcakes!! #awhitechristmasparty

A photo posted by Roxy (@roxxface) on

Because santa paws has KO-ed Rosie will pose with the goodies 🙂 #awhitechristmasparty

A photo posted by Rufus & Rosie (@rufusrosie) on

One of our guests Brian won the 2nd prize and because he already has a Torus bowl at home, he gave it to ME!! Mama has been eyeing this bowl for the longest time, so this is indeed a great gift. Thank you, Brian, for being so kind and generous to us 🙂

Here is our lucky draw prize! Rosie thinks the sheep soap is edible ?? #awhitechristmasparty

A photo posted by Rufus & Rosie (@rufusrosie) on

It's my first ever white Christmas pawty! Turned up a little late but thankfully there was still food for me! ??????

A photo posted by Yuki the (literally)小 Jspitz (@yuki.the.jspitz) on

Time to dig in to our #AWhiteChristmasParty sumptuous dinner! ?

A photo posted by Cheesie&Truffle | Father&Son (@cheesietrufflehotdogs) on


Thanks, everyone for being such great guests! We couldn’t have asked for a better crowd.

Special thanks to our lovely sponsors:

  • Ah B Cafe
  • Astonishme
  • B2K
  • Barking Good
  • BossiPaws
  • Bubbly Petz
  • DoTerra
  • Doxieoholic
  • Feed My Paws
  • Ginger and Bear
  • Howlistic Life
  • Ohpopdog
  • PetMate
  • Pets Actually
  • Pet Widget
  • Platinum Pets
  • Regent Singapore
  • Snooze For Pooch
  • The Barkery
  • Tiny Krew
  • Vastitude Pet Food
  • Wooga Dog

Details of sponsors and prizes here.

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