30 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog in Singapore

30 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog | Vanillapup

With this list of ideas, there’s no longer an excuse to leave your furkid alone at home during weekends.

Even though dogs aren’t allowed on buses and trains in Singapore, we are generally a dog-friendly country – thanks to the many dog lovers we have here.

However, even with dog-centric services sprouting out all over our tiny island in recent years, it is understandable that one can run out of fun weekend ideas with the furry ones.

With this list of 30 fun things to do with dogs, we hope that you can find something new and interesting for your upcoming rest day.

1. Ride the Tanjong Beach waves

Dog-friendly Tanjong Beach, Sentosa | Vanillapup

A long stretch of sandy beach to run on and dig in; what else can a pup ask for? During weekends, you will spot many dog owners with their beautiful furkids frolicking in the sun.

Tanjong Beach, Sentosa | Our reviewWebsite | Membership

2. Book a hotel staycation

Regent Singapore Pet Staycation Welcome Pack | Vanillapup

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life with a stay at a pet-friendly hotel! Here’s a list of the dog-friendly hotel staycations available in Singapore. Also, read our review on the Regent Singapore pet staycation.

3. Stroll down Marina Bay

Dog-friendly Staycation at Conrad Hotel Marina Bay Sands | Vanillapup

Appreciate the beauty of Marina Bay’s modern skyscrapers and waterfront. Your pooch is bound to get tired after walking down its long stretch of well-paved boardwalk.

Marina Bay Promenade | Website

4. Fly a kite at Marina Barrage

Latte and Kites at Marina Barrage | Vanillapup

This is a great place for kite-flying and a delightful picnic. Not to mention, the view is awesome pawsome, making it a breathtaking backdrop for photo taking.

Marina Barrage | Photos | Website

5. Picnic at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Wake up early for a morning picnic at Botanic Gardens. The beautiful lawns make a wonderful venue for endless rounds of fetch and frisbee with fido.

Botanic Gardens | Website

6. Take a dip in a dog swimming pool

6 Dog Swimming Pools in Singapore | The Wagington Bone Pool | Vanillapup

Singapore may be small, but we sure have no lack of dog swimming pools to choose from! Regardless of your budget and needs, you will be able to find a pool that’s ideal for both you and your furkid.

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7. Socialise at dog cafes

Happenstance Cafe Review | Vanillapup

A great place for your furkid to roam freely and make friends, while you exchange parenting notes with fellow dog owners.

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8. Sign up for doga class

Strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion by going for a Doga class together! You get the same benefits of Yoga, with the added perk of having your beloved dog join in the fun.

Doga Singapore | Facebook

Pawfully Fit | Website

9. Go on a dog hash adventure

The Singapore Dog Hash is the world’s first scheduled hash club, specifically organised to allow the participation of dogs and adult dog lovers.

A hash is a pre-laid trail marked by flour, chalk, and/or toilet paper. At the end of it, beer, soft drinks and snacks await you! However, do note that this is an activity for serious members and is not another casual dog walking event.

Singapore Dog Hash | Website

10. Explore on wheels

Buddyrider Dog Bicycle Seat |Vanillapup Picks

Cycling with your dog onboard is made easier with BuddyRider. You can make use of the wonderful park connectors that Singapore has to go to major parks, such as the Sengkang Riverside Park. Some parks also have tricycles that fit up to two dogs for rent.

Sengkang Riverside Park | Our reviewWebsite | Directions

11. Master SUP

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is gaining popularity all over the world, and Singapore is no exception! Hop on a SUP board with your dog and glide through the waters looking like champs.

SUP Singapore | Website

12. Cafe-hop with your furkid

Dog-friendly Cafes - Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar | Vanillapup

There are many alfresco cafes in Singapore that allow your dog to sit with you while you dine. Some recommended cafes include Nassim Hill, W39 Bistro & Bakery, and The Coastal Settlement.

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13. Explore The Southern Ridges

Go on a trail to discover what The Southern Ridges has to offer. It connects several parks, including Hort Park and Mount Faber Park. Alternatively, take a short walk with your pup across Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, which is frequently visited for its distinctive wave-like structure.

The Southern Ridges | Website

14. Treat your dog to a massage

According to Paws Fur Life, massage influences all 11 body systems in dogs, including their musculoskeletal, circulatory and lymphatic system. It can also resolve and support mobility issues through manipulating the muscles, and positively influence the immune system by flushing out waste and toxins.

Paws Fur Life | Website | Facebook | Our review

15. Jump onboard a pet cruise

Sail away to a nearby island and enjoy a swim in the open sea. You can also choose to add cycling at Punggol Park to your itinerary, indulge in a sumptuous seafood feast, or spend a night at a dog-friendly chalet.

Pet Cruise | Website | Facebook

16. Take family photos

Things You Can Do With Your Dog, Furry Photos Singapore | Vanillapup

Turn happy moments with your whole family into picture memories! Capture your furkid’s personality and quirks with the help of a professional. Consider Furry Photos, which specialises in outdoor pet photography.

Furry Photos | Website | Facebook

17. Visit dog runs

Sembawang Park Dog Run | Vanillapup

Dog runs provide ample space for your dog to socialise and run free outdoors. Amongst those that are popular with dog owners are Bishan Park, West Coast Park, Sembawang Park, and Katong Park.

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18. Volunteer at Healing Paws

Save Our Street Dog’s Healing Paws programme aims to provide comfort and warmth to persons in need, such as the elderly, via Animal-Assisted-Activities. After signing up, your dog will need to undergo an assessment to make sure she’s suited for the programme.

Healing Paws | Website

19. Party at Sunday on the Hill

Sunday at the Training Shed Dog-friendly Event | Vanillapup

Sunday on the Hill is a family-friendly (furry members included) once-a-month event hosted by Sideshow. Lay your picnic mat, satisfy your tummies with some delicious BBQ food and drinks, and be entertained by a great line-up of music and activities that are suitable for everyone.

Sunday on the Hill | Facebook | RSVP

20. Go shopping with your dog

8 Great Places to Shop for Dogs

Bring your dog shopping for their essentials, accessories, and toys. There aren’t many shops in Singapore that are dog-friendly but you still have places to go.

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21. Arrange casual meet-ups

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

Join online dog owner communities and participate in their regular meet ups. We are members of SGWesties Club, Westies of Singapore, and Dogs of Instagram Singapore. You can also join Vanillapup’s monthly walk here!

22. Shop at the annual Pet Expo

Pet Expo 2015 - Howlistic Life | Vanillapup

Pet Expo is Singapore’s largest annual PET-ducational Fair, and pet owners can look forward to a series of educational seminars and workshops, booths by pet companies, adoption drives, and competitions.

Pet Expo Singapore | Our Reviews

23. Put on your chef’s hat

Dog shepherd's pie dog food recipe by Paws Fur Life | Vanillapup

Feel bad feeding your dog commercial food day in and day out? Why not whip up something special using easy yet delicious dog-friendly recipes online? Check out our recipe section or those by Feed My Paws and Pretty Fluffy. Fido can help with the dishes after.

24. Dance with fido

Puppy Colours offers a training activity called Tricks & Dance (Canine Freestyle), where you and your dog will learn fun tricks and dance moves. It’s time to get your groove on and exercise with your dog in a fun and positive way.

Puppy Colours | Website

25. Get grooming

Basic Grooming Tips by Likeable Pets | Vanillapup

Learn how to groom your dog through hands-on classes in the comfort of home. Clipping her nails and brushing her teeth will no longer be a nightmare for both parties.

Dollhouse Pets Grooming Academy | Website | Our review

26. Try BodyTalk

BodyTalk is a form of holistic therapy that balances and heals the body and mind connection. We’ve tried it out with Lucia at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre. Coupled with the incorporation of Animal Communication, we had an interesting and eye-opening experience.

Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre | Our reviewWebsite

27. Acquire canine Lifesaving skills

Are you prepared for health emergencies, such as choking and trauma, when it comes to your dog? You can learn how to deal with such situations by signing up for a Canine First Responder course, covering CPR and rescue breathing, scene assessment, serious bleeding management, and shock management, to name a few.

Dog First Aid | Website

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28. Scoop up doggy ice cream

Talya’s Sorvete Dog Ice Cream | Vanillapup

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Treat your beloved furkid to her own pint of creamy ice cream made with real lactose-free milk. Just add hot water, freeze, and it’s nomming time!

Talya’s Sorvete | Facebook

29. Train life skills

In our book, dogs don’t have to be champions in competitive obedience or entertaining trickstars to be perfect. However, there are some life skills that are important to ensure you and your dog’s safety and wellbeing. Things like walking off- and on-leash and recall should be your priority in dog training.

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30. Restore with hydrotherapy

While most indoor pools and hydrotherapy facilities only allow a trained therapist to accompany your dog in the water, Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre offers fun swims that enable you to go into the pool with your furkid instead.

Canine Wellness & Rehab Centre | Website

Hydro Canine | Website

And that’s 30 fun things to do with dogs on this sunny island! Do you have anything to add to the list? Share with us at the comment box below.

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        That’s great! We were turned away by the guard but that was a couple of years back. Will definitely visit again!

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