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2018 Dog Ang Baos (Red Packets) You’ll Love to Have

Kuhl Notes 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

The most exciting part of Chinese New Year besides all the feasting is, of course, to give and receive ang baos (red packets)! We are almost back in the Year of the Dog again so make sure to collect those dog ang baos. If not, you’ll have to wait another 12 years.

Chinese New Year is creeping up on us! This coming year is extra special because it’s the Year of the Dog and we already seeing many lunar special products featuring dogs.

One of the things we are bound to give and receive during Chinese New Year is ang baos (red packets). So, we can definitely expect to bring home a collection of cute or elegant dog ang baos this year!

We’ve sussed out some of the nicest dog ang baos in Singapore and here they are!

This list will be updated with more dog ang baos as we get closer to Chinese New Year.

Free with or without purchase

1. honestbee

honestbee 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

It’s a dog, it’s a bee, it’s a doggy bee! Get this adorable ang bao with every honestbee food delivery.

2. Guide Dogs Singapore

Guide Dogs Singapore 2018 Red packets | Vanillapup

You don’t have to make a donation to get your hands on this red packet. Just email Guide Dogs Singapore to request for them by 10 Feb 2018. While stocks last. If you would like to make a donation anyway, you can do it here.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

You can get your hands on these adorable yet elegant ang baos with the purchase of any item from Starbucks’ festive collection.

They also have a tempting range of doggy merchandise! Any effort to resist would be futile.

Starbucks 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

Starbucks 2018 CNY Special Mechandise | Vanillapup

4. Mandarin Gallery

Mandaring Gallery 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

Mandarin Gallery is giving away this set of festive limited edition red packets and carrier bag when shoppers spend S$488 and above (terms and conditions apply).

5. Schroders

Schroders 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

Doesn’t this ang bao make you feel bright and cheery? Well, you will have to be a Schroders client or employee to get it!

6. Standard Chartered Singapore

Standard Charterded Singapore 2018 Red Packets | Vanillapup

This red packet has a nice feel and look elegantly traditional. Get them from Standard Chartered Singapore.


How cute are these ang baos? They feature POSB’s mascot, Smiley, wearing a dog onesie with ears that stick out when you seal the envelope. They are great for giving to children and you can get them easily as customers of the bank.

8. PS.Cafe

PS.Cafe Dog Red Packets | Vanillapup

This striking ang bao featuring Dachshund silhouettes is going to be welcomed by both adults and children. Get it when you dine at any of PS.Cafe’s restaurants.

9. Pawrus

Pawrus Dog Red Packet | Vanillapup

For the Goldie lovers, get a packet or two of this ang bao for free when you shop for products or services at Pawrus Singapore.

For a good cause

10. SOSD

SOSD 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

Help fund SOSD’s work by buying these ang baos featuring SOSD dogs. A packet of eight ang baos (2 per design) costs S$8 each. Order here.

11. Hope For Animals

Hope For Animals 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

If you would like to be spoilt for choice while contributing to animals in need, look no further. One packet costs $3 (one design per packet) and two packets cost $5, excluding delivery. 70% of the proceeds go to five dog welfare groups. To order, message Hope For Animals on Facebook.

12. Loyal.D x The Barkery

Loyal.D x The Barkery Dog Red Packets | Vanillapup

This beautifully illustrated ang bao is going for S$10 per pack of six. All proceeds will be donated to Causes for Animals, Oasis 2nd Chance Animal Shelter, and Animal Lovers League. Get it from Loyal.D.

For sale

13. Kuhl Notes

Kuhl Notes 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

This is one of our favourite ang baos and each packet of 10 is only going for S$5 with free delivery. Get yours here.

14. Bambi & Coco

Bambi & Coco 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

My entire neighbourhood is basically represented by these ang baos! Each packet of eight costs S$10 (excludes delivery charges) and features the Husky, Poodle, Pug, Dachshund, Sheltie, Corgi, Spitz, and Schnauzer. You will also find a S$10 discount code for pet taxi services in each packet. Get yours by contacting Bambi & Coco at 9766 6765.

15. Ginger and Bear

Ginger and Bear UK Red Packets 1 | Vanillapup

These limited edition money packets by Woof Models are mini pieces of art. Made with quality paper and luxury treatments like embossing, hot-stamping, and laser cutting, they are going for S$18 for a packet of 12, with 6 designs.

Ginger and Bear UK Red Packets 2 | Vanillapup

Three of the designs come with cut-out sleeves to slide over the envelope, creating an overlapping effect.

Ginger and Bear UK Red Packets With Sleeve 2 | Vanillapup Ginger and Bear UK Red Packets With Sleeve 1 | Vanillapup

They are available for preorder at Ginger and Bear.

16. Muffinsaurs

Muffinsaurs 2018 Dog Ang Baos | Vanillapup

We’ve been a fan of Muffinsaurs’ work ever since they painted their first Corgi wall. I don’t know about you but I would be delighted to receive these red packets. They cost S$8 per packet of 10. Get yours here.

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    April 29, 2018 at 1:38 am

    Your ang bao collection are just so special, I love those from Woof Models.

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