Try It: This Microsoft Site Tells You What Dog You Are

What Dog You Are Microsoft Tool | Vanillapup

This new tool tells you what breed of dog you are based on your photo. Try it now to see if it is accurate in guessing your spirit dog breed.

What-Dog.Net is a new tool created by Microsoft that’s very much like their once-viral but highly inaccurate age calculator. You upload your photo and instead of your age, the tool tells you what breed of dog you are.

Mama uploaded a couple of my photos and the tool has accurately guessed that I am a West Highland Terrier. It actually comes in pretty handy when you want to know the breed of a dog.

What Dog Microsoft Tool | Vanillapup

But what if you want to know what’s your spirit dog breed? Like many others, mama gave it a try hoping to get West Highland Terrier only to be told she’s a Gordon Setter!

What Dog You Are Microsoft Tool | Vanillapup

Try it and let us know what you got!

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