5 Mama Approved Commercial Dog Treats

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Find out how to choose safe and healthy dog treats, as we share some of our favourite treats, which are conveniently found in leading pet supplies stores.

When it comes to choosing treats for me, mama has a few straight-forward criteria – It has to be 1) freeze/air-dried to preserve nutrients, 2) made of a single protein that’s credibly sourced, and 3) free of added salt, sugar and preservatives.

Her set of criteria will basically cut out majority of the dog treats in the market. No matter how drool-worthy the treat packaging looks, a good treat should ideally be protein-based (note that flavoured is not the same as the real thing) with no harmful ingredients. For more details, you can read my post on how to choose healthy dog treats.

If you are having difficulty finding safe and healthy treats, here are some mama approved goodies that you can easily find online or at major pet supplies stores.

Dear Deer Liver Treats available at Kohe Pets / K9 Natural Treats available at Kohe Pets / Sunny Pets NZ King Salmon available at Pet lovers Centre / Absolute Bites Kangaroo Ribs available at Kohe Pets / BITES by WOOGA!

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