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Gone were the days when your dog’s image doesn’t matter. Any random collar and leash bought from your pet store across the street just won’t do anymore. Here are 6 style trends in 2015 to take note of when shopping for your beloved pooch.

I hate to admit it, but I am a pretty vain dog. I blame it on the humans’ excessive flattery whenever they help me put on a nice tee, bow tie, or harness. Each time mama dresses me up, I will strut around with my head held high and my tail wagging. Seeing that I have taken an interest in looking good, she tries to keep my wardrobe up-to-date with the season’s trendiest pieces.

If you are like mama, here are 6 dog trends in 2015 to take note of when shopping for your beloved pooch:

1. Striking Bow Ties

Not a fan of dog clothes? You can still spruce up your pup by adding an eye-catching bow tie to its collar or harness. Real style is reflected in the details.

Oh! Knitted Bow Ties from ohpopdog.

2. Statement Tees

Statement tees add humour to your furkid’s getup, and have the ability to start conversations – making them a great casual party outfit choice.

FuzzYard T-Shirts from Howlistic Life.

3. Gingham

Gingham is hot hot hot this Spring 2015! Instead of using it as an accent in the outfit, let it take centerstage.

Orange Gingham Dog Bow Tie Collar from pecanpiepuppies / penn + pooch Classic Plaid Tee from Ginger and Bear.

4. Denim

What can’t you do with denim? Not only is this fabric a huge part of street style, it also looks great at home!

Do Good Dog Bed from DEN / Growler Goods Denim Saguaro Tipi from Tiny Krew.

5. Metallic

Metallic is not necessarily flashy. Just a touch of it can uplift any look. These metallic collar and leashes really stand out without being tacky.

The Leash in Aluminium from Hound Collection / Pharoh Gold Party Leather Collar and Lead from Pooccio.

6. Fancy Harnesses

Harnesses are a comfy alternative to collars. Instead of buying a humdrum harness, hunt for a fashionable one, which will basically settle your furkid’s everyday outfit.

FuzzYard harnesses from Howlistic Life.

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