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Vanillapup Picks: Chinese New Year Celebrations

Ohpopdog Modern Cheongsam for Dogs | Vanillapup Picks

Let your furkid join in the Chinese New Year celebrations with modern cheongsam, bark kwa, and more!

This Chinese New Year, mama, grandma, and grandpa will be abandoning me for Perth. Papa will be staying behind to take care of me. Let’s hope he knows how to! And most importantly, I hope mama buys me awesome things from Australia!

Strictly speaking, this is my second year celebrating Chinese New Year. My first Chinese New Year was spent dumped in a pet shop, unloved. I was smelly, and had terrible tear stains 🙁 Mama took me home days after, and I was never smelly or stained again.

This year, I look forward to meeting papa’s extended family! I hope they like me, and give me lots of treats. Ang baos are no use at all, so I hope nobody gives me those.

Besides visiting, Chinese New Year also means dressing up, snacking on goodies, and an overkill of all shades of red! This year, let your furkid join in the festivity with items that embody all that.

Ohpopdog Modern Cheongsam for Dogs | Vanillapup Picks

Modern Cheongsam with Red Stripes by ohpopdog

Tired of all the mass-produced dog cheongsams in the market? This stylish number with a touch of tradition is all your pup needs.

Jax and Bones Lobster Rope Toy | Vanillapup Picks

Louie the Lobster Rope Toy by Jax & Bones

If your furkid is unable to feast on seafood with you during reunion dinner, don’t feel bad just yet. A durable bright red lobster rope toy may just be enough to satisfy fido this Chinese New Year.

Paris Line Small Pet Feeder | Vanillapup Picks

Paris Line Small Pet Feeder by Bandit Pet

This classy feeder reminds mama of Shanghai Tang. Your house guests are bound to be impressed.

Chinese New Year Goodies for Dogs | Vanillapup

Chinese New Year Goodies by Pawlicious

We all know that human Chinese New Year goodies are a no-no for your pup. Fret not, you can spoil them with some doggy bark kwa and furtune cookies instead! Besides Pawlicious, Feed My Paws, My Greedy Pet, Tenpawssg, and The Barkery are also selling a wide variety of delicious treats for your furkid this festive season.

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