SGWesties Club Outing [Photos]

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

Singapore Westies Club Outing | Vanillapup

Last month, mama brought me to a huge garden. There were many flowers and plants, and most of all, there were many furkids that looked EXACTLY like me! They were all Westies! I found it really confusing; but because I am already close to two years old, I composed myself. It would be embarrassing to look flustered in front of so many of my furkind. Some of them were 12 years old! I wonder if I would look as wise as them at that age.

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

Many people told mama that pups like me were loud barkers. It’s official. They were so so wrong! I walked with my ginormous (learnt this word from one of the older dogs. It’s cool.) pack and we hardly made a sound. Mama never had so much peace being with that many dogs. Take that, haters!

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

Anyway, we walked and walked, and mama was so proud of me for persevering to the end. What she didn’t know was I was totally out of breath. But people were looking so I could not give up. Who knew that walking with a ginormous (I used it again!) pack of Westies would attract so much attraction. I guess people simply could not resist us 🙂

Singapore Westies Outing | Vanillapup

I cannot wait to see my fellow Westie friends again!

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