Pets ‘n’ the City 2014

Pets at Pets 'n' the City | Vanillapup

Pets ‘n’ the City is an urban event for pet lovers to gather and have fun. There are games, goodie bags, competitions, and booths.

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, mama and Lionel brought me to this huge place with many tall buildings. Right in the middle was a big green field with many humans and dogs! Mama called this place “Pets ‘n’ the City”.

Latte and Sarah | Vanillapup

Pets at Pets 'n' the City | Vanillapup

I have never seen so many humans and dogs in one place. Not even at Sentosa!

After walking around for a while, mama brought me to this human who made me sniff three boxes. One of those boxes smelt like treats! I love treats! So I tried to poke my nose into the box to get to them. Somehow that made the human hand mama two plastic packets and she pulled me away after that. I didn’t get any treats.

Pets 'n' the City Games | Vanillapup

I was then brought to another human and was made to stand inside this plastic circle. Mama showed me a treat and I suspiciously sat down to wait for it. She kept saying “wait” but it felt like forever! I soon lost interest in the treat and walked out of the circle. I could sense mama’s disappointment and still didn’t get any treats. The day was turning out to be extremely boring.

Lucky for me, I met a friend named Honda! He was really handsome with a white, fluffy coat. He told me that his mama said he won the “Most Photogenic Dog Award”. We both didn’t know what that meant.

Honda and Latte | Vanillapup

When mama and Lionel got bored of the place too, they brought me for a walk along the river. I loved it!

Vanillapup at Pets 'n' the City | Vanillapup

Here was mama keeping me hydrated.

Latte drinking water at Pets 'n' the City | Vanillapup

These were the two plastic packets that mama got from the first human. She made me pose with them so I gave my best smile 🙂

Prizes at Pets 'n' the City | Vanillapup

I later realised that they have treats in them! I dug my head into mama’s bag to grab a piece.

Greedy latte | Vanillapup

Greedy latte stealing treats | Vanillapup

It was such a tiring day, but I was happy to spend it with mama and Lionel. They are the best fur parents I could ever ask for 🙂

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