It’s My Birthday!!

latte's first birthday

Latte Westie Kissing

Happy weekend! It’s my 1st birthday today and mama has been overly woofcited just thinking about it! She wanted to hold a party for me but was convinced by Lionel that I would not even know what’s going on or that the celebration is actually FOR me. He’s right. I didn’t know what a “birthday” was at first but figured it had to do with me turning older. Not sure why turning one day older today is a bigger deal than the other days. I licked my paw pondering over this the whole morning but who’s complaining?! I was fed with constant supply of food, treats and fruits the whole morning by mama and her dad for the sole reason that today is my birthday.

Latte Westie Eating

Latte Westie Eating

Mama also presented me with a knitted bow from ohpopdog!

Latte Westie Bow

I thought it was a new toy but somehow it ended around my neck. I had a hard time trying to chew on it so I gave up after awhile.

Latte Westie Chewing

Latte Westie Chewing

Latte Westie Sleeping

Soon after, Mama and Lionel brought me for a walk. I hope I didn’t look too silly with my bow. Checked myself in the mirror along the way and I think I was all good. What do you think?

Latte Westie Mirror

Mama is calling me now. I think I heard “cake” and “biscuit” so bye bye for now!

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