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A Walk With My Discipline Master

Mastering the Dog Walk

Mama or Lionel will usually bring me for my daily walk. I love walks! That’s because I can often pick up on one or two scraps without the humans noticing 😉 I can also sniff so many things, from trees and lamp posts to sticky spots on the ground. Mama always says that she wishes I would “walk properly” and stop pulling on the leash. Well firstly, I walk pretty well despite my knee problem and secondly, I wouldn’t have to pull on the leash if there wasn’t a leash! I have already proven myself to be obedient off leash. Granting all this, I still love walks because mama and Lionel generally let me go about my business without much of a fight.

Tonight would have been like any other if not for mama’s dad. You see, mama’s dad used to be a police officer and this evening he decided to walk me as mama tagged along. He put me on a short leash and didn’t allow me to stop at any of the trees, lamp posts and sticky spots. We walked really fast and he gave me no chance to pull on the leash in defiance! This went on for quite a while and as a stubborn pup, I was not happy.

But not long after and strange enough, I started to “walk properly” and didn’t feel a need to go sniff around. I felt like we have a mission to complete, which we did. I accompanied mama and her dad on a walk, stopping by at some shops along the way. Instead of getting distracted, I focused on my humans and my way around the neighbourhood. It felt good.

To be honest, I don’t mind having mama’s dad walk me again though I’m pretty sure he will be since mama is starting work soon. For now, it’s bedtime and I am exhausted from being so obedient!

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