I Love Beach Outings! [Photos]

Latte at Tanjong Beach

Latte and Sneezy riding the waves

Latte running on sand

I have been going to the beach almost every weekend since I was four months old. When I first went to Tanjong Beach at Sentosa, I was overwhelmed by everything. There were many grown up humans, kids, dogs and new things I’ve never seen before. What I know now as the sea had pup high waves that swept into the soft sand! That was really scary for me because I don’t like to get myself wet, especially my face. However, one thing that came naturally for me was the sand. Within seconds, I started rubbing and digging my face and body into it! It felt like the right thing to do even though the sand particles made me sneeze. Mama always laughs at my sandy nose.

Latte at the beach

Latte digging sand

I only just recently got over my phobia of the waves. There was a huge hooha that happened amongst the humans when I made an initiated move to step into the water. If I didn’t know better, I would think it was raining carrots! I still wouldn’t swim if I could choose but I must say, I am proud of being a braver dog than before.

Latte running in the water

Also, Mama bought me a boat recently. I am not sure if I really like it yet. It usually takes me a few days to start trusting things that move so I’ll keep all of you updated here 😉 For those of you who want a boat too, you can get it at Toys R Us for S$30!

Latte on a boat

Latte and mama on the boat

I really like the beach. Mama tells me that swimming would be good for my knee but what I like most about the beach is being free to run anywhere I like, sniffing other dogs’s butt and getting all that attention from my human admirers. I would knock out by the time I get home; dreaming of my next adventure at the beach 🙂

Latte sleeping

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  1. Roo

    September 16, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    This is such a cute blog! Keep it up!

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