Latte's Diary

A wet and cold sort of day :(

Today, mama brought me out for my daily walk. As we were walking back home I felt strong winds, and the surroundings turned darker and gloomier than usual. I sniffed around to figure out what was happening. To my surprise, tears from the heavens fell down on me! I never experienced this before. Drop by drop they landed on my fur, making it damp and clumpy. I hate getting wet. I never liked baths and I certainly didn’t appreciate the heavens at that moment. I started running, telling mama to seek shelter. As we waited for the weeping to stop, it occurred to me that the heavens have done this before. But I was in the comfort of my home, snuggling and curling up on my bed of toys; getting startled once in a while by the heavens’s blaring and unexpected boohoos.

I was never happier going home. To be honest, I love going home more than heading out. There are toys, food and everything I could possibly need at home! To my horror though, mama sent me straight for a bath! Hadn’t I suffered enough today? Why did I need to get wet twice in a row?! I decided to be cooperative keeping in mind that there were still strawberries in the tall silver box where cool air flows out and the humans keep all their food. Guess what? I was not only given strawberries but apples too after the grueling bath! I knew it pays to be obedient. But if only it were easier to do 😉

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