10 Must Read Books for Dog Lovers

10 Must Read Books for Dog Lovers | Vanillapup

Books about dogs have the power to make you laugh and cry all in one seating. Here are 10 books for dog lovers that you would not be able to put down.

Books about dogs seem to have the power to make mama laugh and cry all in one seating. She said that reading the relationship between human and dog can teach us about love, kindness and happiness.

If you enjoy reading, here are 10 books for dog lovers that you would not be able to put down:

1. A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Books for Dog Lovers - A Dogs Purpose | Vanillapup

The first three books in the list are by W. Bruce Cameron, and they are one of the first books about dogs that mama has read. A Dog’s Purpose is written from the perspective of a dog who goes through several lives in search for his purpose. It’s a delightful book that every dog owner can relate to. When you are done, you will find yourself wanting to dive straight into his next book.

2. A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

Books for Dog Lovers - A Dogs Journey | Vanillapup

A Dog’s Journey is a sequel to A Dog’s Purpose. After being reborn so many times, the dog thought he has finally fulfilled his purpose in life. But has he? The end of the book warms your heart better than chocolates and flowers, and lets you see just how special dogs are in our lives.

3. The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron

Books for Dog Lovers - The Dogs of Christmas | Vanillapup

After reading the first two books in the list, mama was happy to know that the author has written one more book about two of her favourite things in life – dogs and Christmas.

In The Dogs of Christmas, Josh Michaels finds himself with a pregnant dog, Lucy when his neighbour abandons her. He calls the animal shelter for help and meets Kerri, who teaches him how to care for Lucy and her puppies. As they prepare for the puppies to be adopted through the “Dogs of Christmas” programme, Josh finds themselves falling in love not only with the dogs, but with Kerri too.

4. Following Atticus by Tom Ryan

Books for Dog Lovers - Following Atticus | Vanillapup

Tom Ryan is a middle-aged and overweight newspaper reporter who decides to bring his Miniature Schnauzer, Atticus M. Finch, on a challenging adventure after a close friend dies of cancer. To pay tribute to his friend, Tom and Atticus attempt to climb all 48 of New Hampshire’s four-thousand-foot peaks twice during winter. Pick this book up and follow Atticus through a story that inspires bravery and transformation.

5. Dogtripping by David Rosenfelt

Books for Dog Lovers - Dogtripping | Vanillapup

David Rosenfelt and his wife, Debbie Myers started the Tara Foundation, named after their dear Golden Retriever. Amidst their journey of rescuing thousands of dogs, they have to move 25 dogs whom they’ve taken in across US with the help of volunteers in 3 RVs. Pick Dogtripping up to be part of their cross-journey adventure.

6. little boy Blue by Kim Kavin

Books for Dog Lovers - Little Dog Blue | Vanillapup

Little Boy Blue is a true story of one sweet puppy’s journey of survival. His behaviour leads his new Journalist owner to uncover the brutal truth behind animal shelters in the US. But the book is more than just that a painful story, as it sheds light on the inspiring work done by the nation’s grassroots rescue network.

7. Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

Books for Dog Lovers - Inside a Dog | Vanillapup

If you want to know what your dog sees, feels and thinks, Inside of a Dog can provide some surprising and interesting answers based on scientific research. Alexandra Horowitz fuses her perspectives as both scientist and dog owner to deliver a fresh look at the world of dogs, as seen from the animal’s point of view.

8. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Books for Dog Lovers - The Art of Racing in the Rain | Vanillapup

The Art of Racing in the Rain is about Enzo, a dog who thinks that he would be a human in his next life. He tries to get a head start by watching television and learning from his human, Denny Swift, a race car driver. On the eve of Enzo’s death, he recounts his life and all its ups and downs. Get ready your tissue!

9. Dogtology by Jeff Lazarus

Books for Dog Lovers - Dogtology | Vanillapup

Are you a Dogtologist? This book is all about humans’ fanatical devotion to dogs – almost to a point of being like a religion.

Dogtology is for the dog lover who has bailed on a date because they didn’t want Twinkles to be left home alone, for the human whose dog owns a more festive holiday wardrobe than they do, those whose pups dine on free-range bison burgers while they live off ramen, or whose smartphones have more photos of their dog than of the humans in their family.”

10. My Dog: The Paradox by Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal

Books for Dog Lovers - My Dog The Paradox | Vanillapup

My Dog: The Paradox is a comic that illustrates Matthew’s observations of his dog, Rambo. Despite all of a dog’s silliness and paradoxes, humans love dogs “because their lives aren’t lengthy, logical or deliberate but an explosive paradox composed of fur, teeth and enthusiasm,” explained Matthew. A short but hilarious read, this book will put a smile on any dog lover’s face.

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