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10 Cutest Westies to Follow on Instagram

10 Cute Westies to Follow on Instagram | Vanillapup

In love with westies, and can’t get enough of them? Here are the 10 cutest westies from all over the world on Instagram to follow.

We all know that westies are very instagrammable. What’s more, we have great personalities that shine through in pictures and videos. If your Instagram feed is not 50% westies, then you are missing out. Life will be so much brighter and happier if you have more westies in your life.

To help you out, here are the 10 cutest westies to follow on Instagram.

1. Emma, Australia / @emma_the_westie

If mama didn’t have me, she will probably fly to Melbourne to kidnap Emma. Notorious for chewing toilet rolls, carpets, and everything in between, Emma is one cheeky westie! We really enjoy the hilarious videos of her and Bella, the evil house cat (so say Emma’s fans).


A post shared by Emma & Eve❤️ (@emma_the_westie) on

2. Yogurt, New York City / @yogurt_wear

Affectionately known as Yogurt bear, this westie is still a puppy! She is currently mama’s eye candy. I don’t blame her. Just look at how adorable Yogurt is!

A post shared by Yogurt Bear (@yogurt_westie) on


3. Riley, Canada /

Oh Riley, why are you so cute! He loves strawberry and fish, just like me. Paw-five!

Trip to the fruit market today. #strawberries are my #fav!

A post shared by Riley is a Dog ( on

4. Kobe, Berlin / @kobe_the_westie

Kobe is one good looking Westie with beautiful pictures to boot. Follow Kobe and have a peek into his wonderful life at home and outside. He makes a great helper during house chores.

5. Pepper, Australia / @pepperthewestie

Pepper is Virgin Australia’s Velocity Pet Ambassador. A title like that isn’t easy to come by!

Happy New Year from @pepperthewestie #westies #westiegram #westie #westhighlandwhiteterrier

A post shared by Pepper The Westie (@pepperthewestie) on

6. Kyo, Australia / @kyobooboo

Kyo is one westie who knows how to live life to the fullest. He even plucked up the courage to ask Emma the Westie to be his Valentine!

#beachgod #nofilter ?⛅️?

A post shared by Michelle Phong Artist (@kyobooboo) on

7. Frisco, Thailand / @finallyfrisco

Frisco moved from California to Bangkok, and seems as happy as can be. When not swimming, he is rolling in the mud.

Alright, good night. ???

A post shared by finallyfrisco (@finallyfrisco) on

8. Kopi, New Zealand / @kopithewestie

Kopi lives in New Zealand (we want to visit you!). Her bio says that she’s a professional butt wiggler and neighbourhood patroller. Sounds legit.

9. Obi, Hong Kong / @naomi_obi

Obi leads a colourful and adventurous life with his older sister, Naomi. Looking at their photos makes mama want to get me a sibling too!

10. Latte, Singapore / @thevanillapup

Let’s not forget about me! I think I’m pretty cute too 🙂

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  1. Igloo

    January 11, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Hello I am Igloo a three year old westie ? Born in Ireland & living in Paris ? Follow my daily adventures on my Instagram account : ?

    • Vanillapup

      January 11, 2017 at 7:45 pm

      Hi Igloo! Awww beautiful places you’ve experienced!

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